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FAQs and Fees

What are your hours?

24/7 ; ) With our busy lives, I will be very creative to find the times that work for you in order to complete your project with as little disruption to your life. I also think about your space until it is completed. I have some of my best ideas after midnight!


How much will this cost?

That depends. I start each job with an in-home consultation. Based on this meeting, I will be able to give you an estimated timeline, cost and project plan.

I maintain all Covid-19 protocols for safety.


What if I need to cancel my consultation?

The day prior to your in-home consultation I will follow-up to make sure that we are still committed to the project. If you need to cancel there is a $50 fee. I respect your time, and only work with serious clients that also respect my time.


Do I have to be present for you to organize & decorate my house?

That depends! When we meet for the consultation, I can assess which areas and spaces will need your participation. Typically, after the initial sorting phase the client can step away while I "get-to-work"! However, client participation is ALWAYS welcome and has been shown to lead to longer-term success in maintaining the new space.


Should I buy any organizational pieces/products beforehand?

No.  Please refrain from buying items if you haven't already done so. I'd prefer to discuss purchasing products after our initial consultation and sorting phase. It's important to complete our first sorting phase to see what items are left in order for me to properly purchase the products needed for the job. I also try to use existing items within your home before buying new pieces.


Do you remove items for donation and trash?

Yes. This is a massive undertaking and one of the main areas in which my clients struggle. "What do I do with all this stuff!!!" Don't let this intimidate you, I will help with each phase of the removal and donation process.


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