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“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

The woman is in her true genius-zone doing this work.  She is so passionate, engaged, creative, and hard-working.  I simply marvel at how she transformed my house in 3 weeks.  I am finally proud of where I live, and Karen is the reason why.  She doesn't just organize, paint, and decorate--she performs a kind of therapy between you, your space, and your stuff.  In the end, I didn't just have a much nicer home--I now feel more whole and grounded as a person in my space.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Karen.  I cannot recommend this woman and her work enough.

Andrew Saldino, very satisfied customer


So far, I have entrusted Karen with my large glass-fronted china cabinet, my glass-fronted cabinets in my kitchen and my laundry room, all of which were in complete disarray!!  I did not realize the extent of the clutter until Karen came through and worked her magic!  She is thorough, reasonably priced and very conscientious to work with. She looked at what I had, helped me cull what needed to be culled, found places for everything and were very understanding with me regarding sentimental pieces I could not part with.  My laundry room is soooooo much more efficient and it looks pretty too!  I can find things easily and my clutter is gone!  My mom (who is very neat, loves to clean,  and was none too pleased with the state of my laundry room) came to my house after the laundry room was finished and used the words "fabulous" and "spectacular" to describe it!  My kitchen looks so much better!  A place for everything and everything in its place!  I cannot wait for her to come tackle the next job.  I will be calling her again and again!  When clutter is gone, I feel much lighter and freer!  Thank you Karen!!


Kelly Lloyd, satisfied customer!

It has truly been a blessing to have Karen help us organize our home, it has been a room by room process and what a huge difference we see and feel!  She has taken the time to understand our family, the way we function, our areas of greatest need, and come up with great solutions that we LOVE.  Her solutions are intuitive, and yet not things that I had ever thought to do previously.  Once we have a new system in place transitioning to it has been seamless and easy to maintain.  She has organized every closet in my home, my pantry, and projects as big as our garage, shed and storage areas to as small as a kitchen drawer.  We have been absolutely delighted with every space.  Her talent, energy, and enthusiasm is inspiring and has given our busy home a breath of ease and greater enjoyment.   Without reservation I would welcome her input on any organizing project!


Anna Longacre, Gastroenterologist surgeon in Atlanta


Things are wonderful !! Wish I could sleep in the new space. Everything is working so well. My students (even my boys) have noticed how wonderful the room looks!!!!! Thanks so much for everything.  I now see that I need you one room at a time!!!! I must go hug Anna for putting us in touch!!!! 


Jane Kyburtz - Successful tutor for dylsexic students. Transitioned her downstairs into a home schooling area.

Karen has been a God-send!  She organized not only my kitchen, but my pantry and dining room too!  Things I have been putting off for years were done in a day!  Everything has its rightful place.  I am so appreciative for her organization skills.  I would have never done it without her!  Thank you!!

Erica Graus, teacher in Marietta GA

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